DHAHRAN – The Mall of Dhahran has reopened its doors. Following the completion of repairs and restorative work, the mall has fully reopened just weeks after its closure as a result of a fire last month.

Arabian Centres Company, the owner and operator of the mall, has announced that it has completed all the necessary work, as the incident affected less than 10% of the mall’s GLA and did not result in any casualties.

Arabian Centres has expressed its gratitude to the Governor of the Eastern Province’s quick response and action to extinguish the fire, as well as praising Civil Defense and the security forces whose efforts helped to contain the fire and mitigate damage.

In addition, the company thanks Saudi Aramco, National Water Company and Saudi Electricity Company for their invaluable contributions in controlling and containing the fire.

The Mall of Dhahran is one of the largest shopping centers in the Eastern Province, spanning over an area of more than 250,000 square meters and home to some 500 shops, entertainment facilities, international restaurants and cinemas.

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