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Our lifestyle centres offer exceptional opportunities for retailers looking to increase their presence in Saudi Arabia, both for near-term and long-term.

With an annual footfall of over 108 million – three times the country’s population – we are firmly entrenched within the fabric of the communities where we are present. Our centres are the go-to platform for leading brands in the country, both regional and international, and we are home to more than 4,000 stores and more than 1,000 brands.

In addition to established brands, we offer the opportunity for startups to take advantage of retail units in our centers to connect with a wide audience.

Specifically, our Temporary Retail Program enables our commercial partners to:


  • Develop their company's reputation
  • Introduce and launch new products
  • Launch an emerging business
  • Expand their business on our social networks to connect with their customers
  • Shift from part-time employer to full-time business
  • Expand their customer base
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